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Speak to a member of our team
to see how Klarpay can help your business.

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The Challenge

Innovation can NOT bank

Mckinsey predicts that global online commerce will expand at a pace of 23% per year until 2023. “Traditional” business banks, however, are still not equipped to evaluate the regulatory risks associated with these online enterprises and are unable to open basic corporate accounts for these thriving e-commerce companies.

The GAP keeps on widening.

Silos are NOT compatible

In most cases, payment acceptance and corporate banking are sold separately by independent financial institutions. Financial settlement processes between those parties often lack transparency and can take months, causing many online businesses to face reconciliation and liquidity issues.

Customers can NOT pay

The year 2018 changed the payment industry, as, for the first time, alternative payment methods (APMs), such as Mobile Payments or Sofort Überweisung, were used more often than card schemes ( e.g.Visa and Mastercard) to process transactions. Although this trend continues, most online businesses still offer cards as their only payment options. As a result, these entrepreneurs lose customers and revenue.

The Change

Innovation CAN bank

Just as the founding father of modern Switzerland, Alfred Escher, realised that railway projects had a hard time finding funding and therefore incorporated Die Schweizerische Kreditanstalt (Credit Suisse to date), Klarpay was founded with a sole mission - to provide innovation, Banking.
By mitigating risks for innovative e-commerce companies, Klarpay will help nurture emerging businesses, expedite growth for the existing ones, and increase online economic output and trade globally.

Silos ARE compatible

Matching up transaction data from numerous non-standard systems and service providers is no longer a problem. Klarpay will harmonize payment services with corporate banking and automate the settlement and reconciliation workflow.

Everything will be transparent, or ​KLAR

Customers CAN pay

An evolving holistic view of the global payment landscape will allow us to assist online businesses with finding the right combination of payment providers in their regions of interest.
As Klarpay is readily integrated into hundreds of payment channels, accepting payments will be a click away.

Why Klarpay?

As the founders and former managers of BDSwiss*, we used to continuously struggle with essential business banking relationships ourselves. Discussions with fellow businessmen from various online industries brought us to the realization that many were facing even more significant problems than we had anticipated.

Experiencing online businesses being ignored by mainstream banks and are forced to collaborate with "shadow" banks. As these bank-like operations from questionable jurisdictions have the luxury to be unreliable in their services, they tend to be creative in their fee structures and seize business relationships without clear reasons.

As a result, Klarpay was born.

Klarpay ( Klar – for “Clear” and “Transparent”) strives to become the most reliable backbone for online businesses by offering all in one payment acquiring and settlement services, from a credible jurisdiction for global underbanked online businesses.

The challenge is on!

*a multi-regulated financial institution with a total leveraged turnover of 450 billion Euros in 2019.

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